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    Good Tidings Greeting Cards was an enterprise born not out of calculation, long-range planning or an attempt to break into a new business.  On the contrary!  It was born out of sheer fun — the fun I get from making hand-painted and constructed greeting cards.  The whole thing started some years ago when I made a few greeting cards, and then a few years later I took some time out again from my schedule to make a few more.  Each card was different from the others and it always made me happy to make the cards.  Sometimes I mailed them out, but because I made so few, I tended more to put them in a little box where I could enjoy looking at them from time to time.

    In the Fall of 2016, however, I decided I really wanted to make a lot of cards and to dedicate some of my free time around the holidays to doing just that. The intention was to make cards that I could send out to friends, and that’s exactly what I did.

    What happened along the way, however, took me totally by surprise!  After making about 30 cards I became obsessed with a particular approach which involves a fair amount of serendipity, a lot of surrender to the unconscious creative mind and sheer joy at playing with the variety of colors that only paint provides.  I began to fall in love with these cards, and I just kept going, because there were certainly a number of people I wanted to send my cards to.

    Each time I mailed out a card I smiled inside, knowing that in a day or two or three (except for two friends in far-distant countries who probably STILL haven’t received their cards!), they would open their mailbox and see something different.  Not a bill, or an advertisement, not a flyer about the newest dentist in town or a card for reduced price on groceries, not a political blurb — instead they would see a GREETING CARD from me, hand addressed.  I made all of these cards primarily for this very moment — the moment when my friends would smile, feel a tiny rush of happiness, and think of me.  That’s my reward, that was my WHY.

    Then something happened that was ENTIRELY unexpected!  People began telling me, “You should make these cards and sell them. They’re so pretty, so unusual, so distinctive.”  At first I thought the idea was kinda crazy but then after awhile, when I realized I was going to keep painting cards anyway, I decided to give it a try!  That’s when Good Tidings Greeting Cards was born, and this brand spanking new website is nearly the first evidence that I’m now in the greeting card business.

    Life is just full of surprises, do you agree?