Meriah V for Victory by Anne Roberts


Friends and Visitors,

Beyond the desire to paint a few wacky and surprising cards for some of you for the 2015 December holidays, making hand-crafted greeting cards was not something I ever set out to do as an enterprise.   As is often the case when it comes to channeling the creative spirit, these cards almost painted themselves and basically I found the forward momentum too delicious to interfere with. I have gradually fallen in love with every card, as each tells me a little story of some kind. I finally began writing down very short stories to accompany each collection of cards! I confess that I often have trouble letting go of them!

After painting the first 50 or so a process emerged and my enjoyment of the process has led to the creation of this website.  Since I seem to be on a mission to continue producing greeting cards for the foreseeable future — and because of the enthusiastic response I have received from friends hither and yon — I have decided to share them.

As a young girl I sometimes threw a blanket down in the grass to lie down on my back with my jean legs rolled up and watch the clouds in the sky. Then, as now, I loved to look for pictures in the changing cloud landscapes and think about words like Cumulo-Nimbus !

We take this kind of day-dreaming for granted, but increasingly we understand that these kinds of imaginative functions are one of humanity’s greatest gifts — our ability to make MEANING out of just about anything we see, hear, taste, smell or feel.  I suggest you look at my hand-crafted story cards in a similar way — let your gaze soften and your mind wander. I’m fairly certain a story, at least a fragment of one, will begin forming — a result of the lightning fast and intricate dance taking place inside your creative mind!


  • I hope that you will fall in love with my greeting cards, too, and decide to share them with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Perhaps you should even send one to your enemies (Thank you, Dalai Llama and Jesus Christ).
  • I hope that you will rise out of Facebook and your email account occasionally and write short notes to friends and family on paper and greeting cards. Just think of the moment of happiness they will feel when they open their mailboxes and, rather than advertisements, political blurbs, bills and coupons, they find YOU — in the form of a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-addressed greeting card.
  • Most of all, I hope that my cards will genuinely feel like “Good Tidings” to you, as they do to me, and that they will bless all the people you share them with.

“Good Tidings Greeting Cards,” officially opening on February 25, 2016, my grandmother Hallie Susan Lear’s 118th birthday.

Dancing photo of myself  above (taken 3 decades ago) by gifted photographer and beloved friend Anne Roberts

Mandala (20″ x 24″) hand constructed with quilting cotton, felt, shantung, glue and foam by myself on the occasion of Betty’s 80th birthday party.



May all beings be free from suffering.


Appreciatively, Meriah Kruse, Founder, Chief Designer and Storyteller  🙂