“After making about 50 cards I began to see some themes emerging.  To help you choose a Collection of cards for your own use, I have formed what I’m calling THEMES as a way of making sense of all this paint!  I’d love to hear what YOU would name these cards if you don’t like the names I’m using!!  More themes will be added as they emerge. ”  Meriah Kruse    


If you select a THEME Collection, I’ll choose from what I’m making and what I have on hand to put together a group of cards that I think you’ll love. Here are a few cards sorted according to THEME, serving as examples of each of the current Card Themes:

Note: These specific cards are not available; they are shown here as examples of a STYLE of painting. Your cards will be freshly painted taking into account your stated preferences.

Stripes, Sticks, Oceanic, Extra-Terrestrial, Arterial, Bark & Skin, Digital, Wild Things, Tapestry, and Joyful Noise.  

More themes will be added on a regular basis — stop by and see what’s new each week!

~      S T R I P E S

~     S T I C K S

~     O C E A N I C

~     E X T R A  –  T E R R E S T R I A L

~     A R T E R I A L

~     B A R K  and  S K I N

~     D I G I T A L

~     W I L D    T H I N G S

~     T A P E S T R Y 

~    J O Y F U L   N O I S E