CUSTOM CARDS for Business

There are few things more important in our professional lives than satisfying our clients, patients and customers. This fulfills the promise we have made to them and makes us proud of our work.  It also increases the likelihood that, when they need our kind of services again, they will call us rather than someone else.  Another way to insure we won’t be “forgotten” is to stand out in the ways we communicate with our clients, customers and patients.  What better way than a personalized, beautiful greeting card arriving in their mailbox at just the right time?  Birthday?  After a big sale?  On the anniversary of something in their lives?  To say “Thank You” or remind them of their next appointment?


You’ll find there are countless excuses for staying in touch.

We provide Custom-Designed cards for medical, healing and fitness professionals, real estate agents, coaches, business consultants and other service providers.



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We’ll work with your chosen colors, text and design parameters to create a card that you can use every day to stay in touch with all-important clients, patients and customers.  

Meriah Kruse brings her long-time experience as an entrepreneur, service professional and creative artist to this new venture aimed at strengthening customer relationships for service professionals, healing artists, micro-business owners, other business folk.

We confer with you re: your client communications needs and goals and create distinctive original greeting card art designed to convey beyond a doubt that you appreciate those who do business with you. We help you stand out from the crowd, reinforce the message you work so hard to convey every day. We can even help you craft your message if you like. When a special gift is warranted for a client, you can also call on us to get a boxed set of cards in the mail or, if in Lexington, delivered in person.



With over 30 years experience as an active service provider, Kruse understands the importance of cementing customer relationships as a path to keeping customers and developing repeat business. By providing custom-designed and printed greeting cards and gifts made to complement and express each business’s brand, Kruse is committed to improving your profitability and long-term viability. She specializes in making it simpler for you to convey a powerful message of customer appreciation through custom-made thank you, appointment, referral and other cards designed with your needs and aesthetics in mind.

We also provide boxed sets of printed cards and other gifts that can be used as Thank You or Holiday gifts for both client/customers/patients and employees alike – gifts that will be appreciated, used and remembered.

With a Good Tidings colorful abstract card you choose a stand-out package for delivering your messages.

CUSTOM Sutherland

Example: ~ Custom 3-card painted collection with specific formatting to match the brand attributes of a successful Kentucky consulting firm (we’ve concealed their logo here…)


img_5954Example:  ~  Custom card for realtor with logo integrated on back of card


Example:  ~  Custom card for start up cleaning company in Lexington, KY


all prices plus Kentucky 6% sales tax


  • $295  includes a single distinctive, one-of-a-kind design, exclusively for you. It will not be available for anyone else’s use. Your design will take into account your logo and brand attributes, chosen colors and preferred style.  Within 10 days of your order, you’ll be shown a selection of designs to choose from; we’ll tweak it until you’re happy with your design.
  • You will receive your hand-crafted tiny work of art (suitable for framing) and 50 professionally printed cards with white envelopes in your initial order.
  • Additional printed cards and envelopes available in 50-card increments for $150.
  • Your name, your logo, the name of your business, or an attribution such as “Custom designed for My Business” will appear on the back of your card if you choose. 
  • You can add a message on the inside of the card, too, still leaving you plenty of room for a quick handwritten note to customers, clients and prospects should you desire.

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~   2.  our  most economical option…MODIFY AN EXISTING GOOD TIDINGS DESIGN with your name and message

  • Since you’d be choosing an existing card from our portfolio with this option, there are no design fees — making this our most economical option. Any existing card is an option.  Here’s on idea: take a look at the “Love is in the Air” collection designed especially for Healing Professionals. Click here to see Love is in the Air HEART Collection.
    • Total $125 for 20 cards, $195 for 50, includes:
      • $45 set up fee for adding your name and/or internal message, PLUS printing charges
      • Printing charges:  20-card minimum: $80  or 50-cards for $150 includes printing message on inside of card  
  • Future purchases in 20-, 50- or 100-card increments at reduced rates.

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Call today if you’d like to discuss a Custom Card design made exclusively for your business or practice!