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Version 2
Version 2~ Custom collection exclusively designed as a Thank You gift for a couple in Georgia who already has everything — printed with their names on the back of their cards and wrapped in hand-painted paper.

~ One card from a custom collection designed as Christmas gifts for 5 grown children of a rural Kentucky artist:


~ Custom card from a former Kentuckian now living in Oregon and missing Kentucky’s Spring.  Entitled “Forsythia, Redbud”


~ Custom card, wedding gift for two men in New Mexico


  • Want to acknowledge a special friend for going the extra mile, or memorialize a friend who’s passed away?
  • Wedding, family or class reunion coming up?
  • Looking for a way to acknowledge a loved one or a group of friends or colleagues for an accomplishment?
  • Want to gift something truly memorable to a colleague who’s retiring?
  • Want to hang tiny colorful works of art on your wall that were created just for you?

If so… you may be a candidate for a Custom Card.  Here’s how it works:

Step ONE:    Contact me.  Just send me a note on the Contact Us page.

Step TWO:     We’ll set a time to talk about what you have in mind.

Bear in mind that I am NOT  a realistic painter, so please don’t ask me to paint horses, cats, dogs, etc.  There are wonderful cards already in existence of that variety! My cards are colorful abstracts. However, you can certainly give me some ideas of the cards you like best in our inventory, and of the colors you have in mind.  I’ll help you decide on something you’d like: Are you looking for Playful?  Dramatic?  Bright?  Soft colors?  Something mysterious?  Happy?  Wild and crazy?  Silly?  You can think of the “Mood” you want your card to have, the message you want it to convey. We’ll talk about all of this in our initial phone conversation or — better still — if you live near Lexington, Kentucky we can meet in person!

Step THREE:     Place your order below

Step FOUR:        I’ll create your exclusive custom card and give you a call when there’s a design ready for your approval.  Under non-rush circumstances, please allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery. If you need it quicker, let me know. There may be a rush fee depending on the circumstances.


This is our standard package for Custom Cards.

If you prefer some other arrangement, we can discuss what you have in mind.

PACKAGING Custom Card in Hand-Painted Gift Wrap

  • One Hand-Crafted Card, a tiny work of art suitable for framing, created with your requests in mind.

  • A Box of 20 Printed Cards made from your Hand-Crafted card all made to order.

  • An Available Option for you:  “Custom Design Attribution” of your choice.   The back of your cards will be printed with a brief message identifying the purpose of the card.  Examples:

    • “This card was designed for Carole, in loving appreciation of all the kindness you showed me.”
    • “Custom collection for Meriah’s children on Happy Valentine’s Day.”
    • “For Balin, the greatest husband in the world.”
    • “Custom designed for Heidi, my beautiful wife, on our wedding day.”
    • “For Sophia, our sassy daughter, on her Graduation Day.”
    • “This card was designed for the 1968 graduates of Hancock County High School, in recognition of our 50th Reunion.”
    • “This card was designed in memory of Hallie Lear.”
  • Our cards are all blank on the inside with a matte finish to make it easy for you to write; however, if you’re shipping directly to your loved one and want to have an inside message, let us know and we will insert your message for you before shipping for a small additional cost.

We believe in providing individualized service: We’ll do our best to make your custom cards just what you had in mind!  To discuss custom cards, even if you haven’t decided yet whether that’s the right thing for you or not, send us a message on the Contact Us page or call 859.363-6620

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Click on the Add to Basket button above to order your Custom Collection.  $195 plus tax and handling.

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