We provide Custom-Designed cards for your medical, mental health, fitness or holistic health practice.

We’ll work with your chosen colors, text and design parameters to create an exclusive card that you can use every day to stay in touch with your all important clients, patients and customers.  Click here to see 3 options for ordering.  Call if you’d like to discuss a Custom Card design made exclusively for your practice!  859.276.4962

CUSTOM Thank You for trusting us with your care

an economical option…

Consider our collection of “Love is in the Air” cards — to which we can add your name on the back or an inside message for a nominal fee. Imagine a beautiful, unique Good tidings LOVE card with your name on it that reads: “THANK YOU for trusting us with your care,” or something similar.  

These cards are suitable for use by professionals in the healing arts: cardiologists and other physicians, massage therapists, somatic educators, counselors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, life coaches and others in private practice in the healing arts or medical field. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our current gallery of “Love is in the Air” Cards, tiny collages designed with the Heart in Mind.  A fine way to say “Thank you for trusting us with your care”

Click on individual images to see more accurately what your cards will really look like.

To order one or more HEART card designs with your name or your message added, call us today!  859.276.4962

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