ABOUT FRAMING our Hand-Painted Cards:

In the near future we may offer frames for you if we can find a good supplier of something inexpensive and elegant.  In the meantime, here are a few ideas for you about framing and displaying Good Tidings Hand Painted Cards.

Here’s a single image “floating frame” — this one is a shadow box.  I like this frame for 2 reasons:  1. I can change the card I’m displaying in about one minute!  So easy…   2.  the frame is designed to be either hung on the wall or as a self-standing piece.  Versatility appeals to me as I like to change my decor fairly often.  Cards looks wonderful framed in this way.


These one-image self-standing plastic frames can be found at any home decor supply store, perfect for displaying simply with your other objects d’art:

This 2-image “floating frame” (sometimes called a “gallery frame”) has no matting and no backing, so the color of your wall will show through.   I hung this one  in my kitchen!  I love looking at these two colorful cards every morning while fixing my breakfast; they’re so cheerful!

IMG_5229 (1)


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