“In today’s busy world many of our messages to each other take the form of 140 character tweets, brief texts with auto-misspelled words and email messages adrift in the chaos of our Inboxes. Today more than ever a greeting card from a friend — arriving in our ACTUAL mailboxes — can seem like a shining beacon of kindness and friendship.”  Meriah Kruse


Despite the many advantages of the Computer Age, a number of good things have gone by the wayside with the availability of “instant” communications!  One such thing is the lost art of writing and sending greeting cards through the mail. Have you ever sat down to look through a box of cards and letters you’ve received from friends and relatives over the years?  (I have 5 or 6 shoebox size boxes of cards and letters I have been saving, some for as long as 40 years. I have, along the way, put at least a dozen of them in small frames to prop up on my desk or hang on a wall.) In these cases the papers, mostly written out by hand, serve as artifacts of a friendship, a love affair, or an entire personal era.

You might ask, “Can’t your email archives be used for a similar purpose?”  Yes, to a very small extent.

However, I think it’s doubtful that browsing through old electronic files will ever arouse the same feelings as opening beautiful cards and hand-written notes.  There’s something about feeling the weight of the heavy paper in your hand, studying the image chosen for you to convey a message — even the presence of hand-writing.  Your email messages, so easily erased with the click of a button, simply do not have the weight or the staying power of a greeting card.

In particular, when you select a hand-made story card for someone — one that is entirely unique, a tiny work of decorative art accompanied by an original work of fiction, you’ll have something to anticipate — the moment when your friend, colleague or loved one will open his or her mailbox.  You can imagine her rifling through the various pieces of mail left there by the postal worker — and the look on her face when she notices there’s something desirable among all the predictable and mostly unwanted mail.  Her card can arrive in an envelope — or in the beautiful box tied with a satin ribbon that comes with your order.  If you like you can enclose the unique story written for the card you ordered (or you can keep that for yourself!)  Either way, the mail from you will stand out immediately.  I’m willing to bet that yours will either be the first thing your friend opens, or it will be the last (saving the best…).

“Good Tidings Greeting Cards” are  made with all of this in mind.  I hope you’ll order a few Hand-Painted Story Cards for yourself today, or a box of 6 or 10 from our economical Printed Card collections.  The next time an important friend comes to mind and you feel that stab of desire to send a gift or a special message, you’ll be very glad to have a few original, unique cards on hand.  A trip to the nearest store will not be necessary! All you’ll need is her mailing address and one first class postage stamp.

Just let me know what you’re looking for!  I’ll do my best to help you put a smile on the faces of the people who are important to you.