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“Combatting loneliness and isolation, one greeting card at a time”

We have a goal to reach 10,000 people who pledge to send one greeting card per month in the coming year to friends, family, or business acquaintances.

Pen Pal Initiatives

Each member is also invited to participate in our Upcoming (soon to be announced) Pen Pal programs.

Other Good News:

We have recently begun a relationship with the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Post #680 in Lexington, Kentucky to begin sending boxes of greeting cards to active duty military and their families, and veterans who may be hospitalized or in retirement homes.  Learn more by CLICKING HERE!


On the road to 10,000, here are the kind-hearted people who have already joined the Stay in Touch Club:

27 PEOPLE PLEDGED SO FAR; only 9,973  to go by EARTH DAY 2017!

To add your name, visit CONTACT US page.  Send us your name, city, state and country of residence.  If you also send your home mailing address we’ll send you one free Good Tidings greeting card to get you started 🙂

  1. DOUG BURNHAM.   Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  2. JOAN GOODE HUNDLEY.  Shelbyville, Kentucky  USA

  3. CAROLYNE SLAYTON-KNOX.  Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  4. LINDA  HILLARD.  Owensboro, Kentucky  USA

  5. SONJA C. DAVIS.  Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  6. BETTY GABEHART, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  7. JULIE PHILLIPS, Byron Center, Michigan USA

  8. DALPHNA DONNELLY, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  9. BETH WOFFORD, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  10. PATTI WARD, Bloomington, Indiana  USA


  12. OYO FUMILAYO, Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  13. KRIS MCCLANAHAN, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  14. DAWN PALUCH, Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  15. PAIGE PREWITT, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  16. MARIA PAGLIALUNGO, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  17. CAROLE KRUSE, Frankfort, Kentucky  USA

  18. SHELLY SLOCUM, Kentucky  USA

  19. CAROLYNE SLAYTON KNOX, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  20. TRACY POWERS KING, Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  21. MARGARET SHANKS, Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  22. KARLA DUERSON, Lexington, Kentucky USA

  23. DANA VOGEL, Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  24. CAROLINE DENISE TEATER CLINE, Nicholasville, Kentucky  USA

  25. VIANA DAVEN, Edmonds, Washington  USA

  26. JOANNE HALL, Lexington, Kentucky  USA

  27. MERIAH KRUSE, Lexington, Kentucky USA

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