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Here’s an easy way to order by debit or credit card or PayPal:

  • Step 2:  Click on the purple “Add to Basket” buttons wherever you find them to make your selection on those pages.
  • Step 3:  You will be brought back to this page automatically.  The shopping cart icon will have magically appeared below along with a list of what you have ordered thus far.  Continue to add to your shopping cart by selecting additional items until you are done shopping. Each time you add something else you’ll be brought back to this page.
  • Step 4:  When you’re ready to check out:

Click on the  “CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL” gold button which will also appear below

Note: Although this is a PayPal shopping cart, you will have the choice to pay either with PayPal or with other credit or debit cards of your choice.  You do NOT need to be a PayPal member to complete your transaction.  Regardless of whether you’re using PayPal or Visa, MasterCard, etc, the payment process begins the same way: by opening a window on PayPal’s website.  PayPal is a highly reliable payment source, so all of your information will be safe!  You should be automatically redirected back to Good Tidings after you complete your purchase.  This should be a simple and easy process; please let us now if it is not.

~     If you prefer to pay by Check, Cash or Money Order

Contact me through the Contact Form above to tell me what cards you want and how many, or to reserve space at one of our Special Events.  Be sure and include your phone number, shipping address and email address in case I need to get in touch with you to clarify something.  I will email you with the total price (including shipping).  As soon as I receive your payment I’ll go right to work on your cards (or put you on the list for the event you registered for) and will let you know when I’m shipping them out to you. Send your check or money order payment to:  Meriah Kruse, 2314 Southview Drive, Lexington, Kentucky  40503.  If you prefer to pay by cash, call me to arrange a time to drop off your order at my house.

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