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The motto of Good Tidings is  “Strengthening friendships one greeting card at a time.”

This is an idea that we promote and encourage every day.  Now we’re taking it one step further with a new initiative: the STAY IN TOUCH Club.

The motto for the Stay in Touch Club is:

“Combatting loneliness and isolation one greeting card at a time.”

Our hope is to inspire 10,000 people by Earth Day 2017 to begin sending greeting cards to people they care about on holidays and FOR NO REASON AT ALL.   (see our current list of members here…)  

To take it a step further, we’ll be partnering with established organizations to put our membership in touch with people who may need a friend.  

We are so excited about our new relationship with the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Post #680 in Lexington, Kentucky.


CLICK HERE to read about how you can help support military personnel, their families, and veterans through the Stay in Touch Club


Grandma writing a letter Michael Cote

Would you like to become one of the 10,000?  It’s so simple.

You can register very easily; there are no fees of any kind.  

Just send a note to us right now by clicking on Contact Us.  Tell us a few things in the message box:


1. What would you like to do?  Stay in touch with old friends a bit more closely, cultivate new friendships, stay in better communication with your relatives? Perhaps you’d like to become a Pen Pal to someone?  Please let us know your interests so that we can be supportive and develop our programs with your interests in mind.

2.  Include your postal mailing address, city, state, zip code and country of residence in your message.  We’ll send you one free Good Tidings greeting card in the mail as a gift to get you started!

Gabriela Pinto You are awesome

What is expected of members in the Stay in Touch Club?

Although there are no specific parameters to your membership, we suggest that you plan to write and mail at least one greeting card to someone each month.  Click here to see who has registered so far…  We’re just getting started!  Can you help us spread the word?

Do I need to do anything else?

All you need to do is Register with us and then Get Started!  Obviously we hope you’ll use some of our Good Tidings Greeting Cards — but do whatever works for you. Pull out old greeting cards you’ve been saving for years. Make your own. Do an art project with your children to make cards together and then help them send out cards to their friends so they can join the STAY IN TOUCH Club, too! By all means encourage the greeting card habit in the young ones — in the long run they’ll appreciate the obvious fact that a GREETING CARD, arriving in their mailbox, is superior in every way to an email 🙂


More news will be coming later.

We won’t deluge you with emails, but will occasionally bring you up to date on organizations we’re partnering with for PEN PAL initiatives.  

You can also expect greeting card DESIGN CONTESTS for adults and for children, as well as announcements of greeting card parties (especially for Central KY members).

Thank You for making another little commitment IMG_3846to strengthening friendships and spreading kindness in the world.  

“… May all beings be free from suffering …”


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