When I’m painting cards, I’m often moved to imagine a story the card could tell.  Out of the thousand stories that could be told about any particular collection of cards, I write down one.  That’s why, when you purchase a Good Tidings Hand-Crafted Card, it will arrive on your doorstep with a story attached.

Here’s an example.  In January I made a group of collage/paint cards that I called “Glacier.”  They’re no longer in my possession, having been shipped out to friends and family before I decided to turn card-making and story writing into a creative enterprise!  Here’s an image of one of the Glacier cards — and the story inspired by the collection:


IMG_5176 (1) copy 2



a miniature short story by meriah kruse

Ariel did not expect to be chosen. Of the hundreds of artists who applied to join the expedition, she placed her chances of being selected somewhere near last. She had so little time to prepare; she only learned about the whole affair one day before the final deadline to apply. She had no substantive scientific background. Her art form was difficult to describe and would likely present formidable technical obstacles if by some miracle she was chosen. Still, just reading the project description had sent her into such a state of longing that she literally dropped everything that day and devoted herself to one task alone: applying to be part of the “Witnessing Glacier” Joint Scientific & Artistic Expedition to Iceland.


When she received the call for an interview, and then, weeks later, was chosen as one of twelve artists to join the team, she felt a new stirring in the air around her. She knew her entire life was shifting, and it was – not slowly, like a giant mass of ice, but more quickly. Months later, having thought of little else since her interview and subsequent selection, she finally stepped on board the ship she and the other thirty men and women would call home for 21 days. She secretly referred to her temporary floating home as the Good Ship Lollipop, but would never have revealed that to any of her protégées.

As their ship moved through the icy waters cartographers, astronomers, geologists and marine biologists, navigation specialists, engine mechanics, poets, filmmakers, composers, digital media artists and painters worked hard to take in the unfamiliar lingo and perspective each brought to the expedition. Everyone forged unlikely friendships that might last a lifetime. In the limited daylight hours some of the artists painted relentlessly in front of whatever window was available; others retreated to the quiet of their sleeping quarters and wrote feverishly. Several recorded the sounds of the ship and the crew and the Glaciers themselves and composed music on electronic devices. Aradniel, however, had something different in mind. She wanted to project colored lights onto the icy masses themselves at night , turning the glaciers into gleaming jewels surrounded by a black sky, and capture the whole thing on film.   It was a formidable task.

Quickly she fell in love with the Glaciers and began to hope against all rational thought that she would never have to leave them. One night when she couldn’t fall asleep after hours of imagining the strange lightshow she would bring to the Great North, she sat up in bed and wrote:

Far below the mountain of vast cascading ice,

She glimpses an iridescence impossible to ignore.

Inhaling the inspiration and immense isolation,


She imitates the surreal sounds of silence.

Witnessing Glacier, she is stirred to the core by ice.

No longer an individual intimidated by the grandeur

She gradually opens to the cold blue mystery.

The Glacier continues to invoke an inner journey and

She knows she’ll never be the same again.

~  Copyright T. Meriah Kruse 2016   Good Tidings Greeting Cards & Gifts


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