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“Good Tidings Greeting Cards”  don’t contain any text;  the space inside the card is left blank so you can add your own words.  If you purchase a Hand-Crafted Story Card, although the inside will still be blank, you will receive a STORY with each card, printed on a separate piece of paper.  One way or the other, you have a blank page to add your own words.  Does this idea seem like an opportunity to you or fill you with dread?  If you enjoy the idea of writing a line or a paragraph — or your life story for that matter —  have at it.


If, however, you aren’t the sort to wax poetic, consider  first what you want to say to the recipient of your card.  Perhaps you just want to say, “I was thinking of you…”  “I miss you”  or “Remember 10 years ago when we did this…?”  Even “You’re Awesome” may be enough!

Maybe there’s something more in-depth you have in mind in which case you could consider adding a few song lyrics that would be meaningful to him or her.   Including a favorite poem written by someone else works well, too, or you might decide to enclose a photograph with your card.

The options are endless of course, but don’t let that stop you from getting started!  Chances are, no matter what you say he or she’s going to be VERY tickled with the card itself.  Most importantly, your friend will be delighted that you took the time to think of him or her and act on it.  Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit her home or office you see your card displayed on a coffee table or attached to the refrigerator with a magnet.  He may even decide to put it in a frame and keep enjoying it for years to come.

Gabriela Pinto You are awesome

However, in case you just don’t know what to say or don’t have time to think about it today, here are a few ideas:    

click here…  Quotes, Song Lyrics, and Poems to add to your personalized greeting cards

Have fun!